How mundane things shape knowledge production
Thursday 26 July 2012
9:00‐9:30 Official opening by the Major of the City of Kavala
  Producing ontologies
9:30‐10:00 Cheng, Yi‐Ping, Lancaster University
The Flow and Storage of Things in Taiwanese’s Households: Things and Their Containers
10:00‐10:30 Razzall, Lucy, University of Cambridge
Furnishing the House, Furnishing the Mind: Early Modern Literary and Material Cultures of Containment
10:30‐11:00 Hakim, Lina, The London Consortium
The Radiometer’s Glass Bulb
11:00‐11:30 Break
  Materiality - Wood

Bowry, Stephanie, University of Leicester
‘A World of Wonders in one Closet Shut’:
The Construction and Compression of Knowledge in the Miniature Curiosity Cabinet of the Seventeenth Century
12:00‐12:30 Bernasconi, Gianenrico, University of Applied Science of South Switzerland‐Lugano
Collections in Book Form: the Symbolism and Technique of a Container
12:30‐13:00 Goff, Alice, University of California, Berkeley
Containing the Trees: The Schildbach Wood Library and the Eighteenth Century Box
13:00‐18:00 Lunch break
Performing Boxes
18:00‐18:30 Drakopoulou, Konstantina, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
Palioura, Mirka, University of Ioannina
Inside Boxes – Beyond Borders:
Female Contemporary Artists of the Greek Scene
18:30‐19:00 Pollack, Julia and Bonnie Mak, University of Illinois
A Librarian Makes a Box
19:00‐19:30 Break
19:30‐20:00 Steidl, Katharina, Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna
Ackermann’s Photogenic Drawing Box and the Conception of Photography
Friday, 27 July 2012
9:30‐10:00 Yagou, Artemis, Deutsches Museum, Munich / Vrije University, Amsterdam
Packaging Playful Technology: Boxes for Technical Toys in the Collection of the Deutsches Museum in Munich
10:00‐10:30 Kocabiyik, Elif, İzmir University of Economics and
Aren Kurtgözü, İzmir University of Economics
Knowledge as a Box: The “National” as Revealed Through a Reading of Turkish Cigarette Packages
10:30‐11:00 Wenping Xue, University of Chicago
The Cultural Consequences of Boxes
11:00‐11:30 Break
11:30‐12:00 Carey, Juliet, Waddesdon Manor (The Rothschild Collection)
Edmond de Rothschild’s Boxes
12:00‐12:30 Endo, Hanako, Jissen Women’s University, Tokyo,
Shakespeare and Tudor Medicine Chests
12:30‐13:00 Break
13:00‐13:30 Hammel, Tanja, University of Basel
Botanical Knowledge in a Parcel
13:30‐14:00 Pettersson, Ylwa and Kandastar, Razia Asad, Museum Gustavianum, Uppsala
The Travels of Folke Linder: As Traced by his Microscope Box
14:00‐18:00 Lunch break
18:00‐18:30 Open Space: Box Exhibit
Pit Arens, Susanne Bauer, Christine Hanke, Martina Schlünder, Berlin
Installation "Fleck‐Kraft‐Regler"
18:30‐19:00 Break
Keynote Speaker  
19:00 Baltas, Aristides, National Technical University of Athens
What is a Box? Philosophical Perspectives on Mundane Objects
21:00 Dinner at Hotel Galaxy
Saturday, 28 July 2012
Materiality - Glass  
9:30‐10:00 Espahangizi, Kijan, ETH & University of Zurich
„Only the best packed in glass....“ – A Historical Case Study on the Containment of Modern Techno‐Scientific Objects, 1900‐1935
10:00‐10:30 Palioura, Mirka, University of Ioannina ,
Pyrpili, Spyridoula,
Ministry of Education and
Vouleli, Myrto, Historical Archives / National Bank of Greece
Photographic Glass Plates Negatives’ Boxes: Guarding the Memory
10:30‐11:00 Break
11:00‐11:30 Mechler, Ulrich, Medizin und Pharmaziehistorische Sammlung Uni Kiel
Lymph Nodes in Folders – an Experimental System in Pathological Borderlands
11:30‐12:00 Day, Deanna, University of Pennsylvania
Mirroring the Body: A Social History of the Medicine Cabinet
12:00-12:30 Break
12:30‐13:00 Rentetzi, Maria, National Technical University of Athens
Calibrating Radiotherapy Equipment: Sending TLD’s in Postal Boxes
13:00‐18:00 Lunch break
Hiding - Displaying
18:00‐18:30 Darmstädter, Beatrix, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
Hidden Information – The Cases for Woodwind Instruments in the Renaissance and Early Baroque
18:30‐19:00 Ma, Li , Nesna University College, Norway
From Tokens in Envelopes to Clay Tablets: On the Early Development
of Writing, Counting and Mathematics
Sunday, 29 July 2012
9:30‐10:00 D’Eredità, Astrid, Italian National Association of Archaeologists
From Everyday Life to the Finds: an Essay on the Use of Boxes in Archaeology
10:00‐10:30 Galiniki, Styliana, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and
Akrivopoulou, Eleftheria, Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki
Archaeology and Cigarettes: The Packs of Cigarettes as Occasional Packaging Materials of Archaeological Findings
10:30‐11:00 Bell, Jameson Kısmet, Doğuş University, Istanbul
Contours of the Soul: Transforming the Containers of the Mind into Ventricles of the Brain in 16th Century Europe
11:00‐11:30 Break
11:30‐13:00 Wrap - Up
Susanne Bauer, Maria Rentetzi, Martina Schlünder
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